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I managed to rub some spoons together and get my stuff tidied away, huttah, etc. I’ve been feeling a bit of fluttery glee over it, but also of course, exhaustion. *chuckles* But having said that, most of the disorder was veneer; all the understuff was still more or less tidy and organised.

So yeah, well chuffed about that.

Next project is pulling out my big bookcase and reshelfing it. That’ll require some pre-work on the area in front of it, which suddenly makes it a Big Deal™®… but it’ll be worth it if I can shift stuff around and make it work better than it does at current. The cats knock off all the double-stacked books by their tree with zero regard for said books, so I’m going to have to try to move some stuff even lower. I thiiink there’s a bit more room down below? Maybe? I’ll figure it out eventually.

For now, back to gaming and sock knitting, oooooh yeah. 😀


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