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This shirt! Right here! Buy it and be cool like meeeeee!

I woke up this morning with Z coming upstairs to tell me that he was pre-sanctioning a Teeturtle purchase for me. He said it was made just for me as I blinked the grit out of my eyes, and he wrestled with his phone to show me. And lo, indeed, it’s made just for me, ha ha. Both Z and Smallhausen already have pew pew shirts, ones that match more closely to their preferred gaming medium. I liked the idea of a pew pew shirt, but I’m not a console gamer — I’m a computer gamer by preference. So even if the kitty one was cute, it wasn’t accurate enough for me. This one… well, she clicks all the buttons, obviously!

So yeah, that was today’s bright spot. I’ve been feeling like hell barely warmed over otherwise, though I managed to take care of me and Littlerbit, and managed to get a bit of work done as well, so that’s a pretty good tally all told. I’m doing my best to count the bright bits and stay positive, because I know feeling this crap… well, it wears a person down, doesn’t it. And I’m out of it enough that I actually ran out of one of my meds. I’m pretty confident that I can manage okay with it until tomorrow or Monday/Tuesday; I’m not sure what day it will be ready. I’m going to ask Z to check on its progress tomorrow morning when he takes Smallhausen to school, so fingers crossed that it’s there and I only go a day without.

Anyways, train of though has derailed and caught on fire, so I’ll scootch.


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