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This is my attempt to do a look of hjalpness and probably failing, ha ha.

I have a few hours of kid duty this evening, horrors of horrors. Z has a meeting, which is fine. It’s my first time tending the fort alone since we’ve been sleep training Littlerbit. He read them some stories before leaving, so really, I just had to herd them upstairs, teeth and toilet, and then into bed. I miiiiiight’ve (definitely) yelled up the stairs in exasperation as I tried to make it out of the little one’s potential line of sight while the bigger one was trying to call out instructions. I made it a few moments before Littler slammed her head into the wall ’cause she was in her sister’s bed. But eh, I gave her a cuddle, tucked her back in, and fled as quickly as I could once again. It is, knock on wood, quiet.

I hope that they stay that way, and that Z is able to get a good night of sleep. I’d commented to him the other day that he was seeming a lot happier for the increase in sleep he’s been able to get so far. It’s certainly not all the way there, but yanno… all still in the right direction.

Swinging politics back around here to the UK, the Supreme Court ruled that Parliament has to vote on activating Article 50, the wossit that starts the ‘Brexit’ process. I was well chuffed by this, though that also requires MPs not bowing to their party leaders and voting for it. I was commenting to R earlier that I was hoping that Corbyn was threatening to use the whip to force a vote for Brexit was a trick to get them to revolt and vote against it. I would like to think he’s that clever, even if his hobbies include serial marriages and drain covers. That’s on the Labour side of the House. As for the Tories… I don’t know. I might drop a message to my MP and ask him against Article 50, but I suspect it wouldn’t do any good one way or the other. And the government is still trying to insist that it’s going to happen, which. Ugh. Seriously, stop hurting us. I’m not ‘afraid’ of change — I’m annoyed that our currency has tanked, and that businesses are preparing to bail. I’m pissed that the government thinks trying to entice business to stay by turning us into a tax haven is a good idea. I just. Ugh. *shakes tiny fist*

Past that, I caught a Shiny, work-worked, gamed, and did some knitting… aka, the usual. I still need a bath before going out tomorrow night, but I can wedge that in during Littlerbit’s naptime, or right after Z gets in from work. We’ll see. I’m not going to go up there and make noise now when things are, knock on wood, continuing to be quiet.


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