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To my amusement, every single picture I’ve tried to take of myself today makes it look like I’ve been slapped around by some sort of exhaustion bat. I mean, I always feel pretty crappy and exhausted, but like… mainly okay today? I’ve been sleeping really deeply the last couple of nights, and that has a positive knock-on affect.  My focus… Read more »

Third Time?

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I have once again cast off on my effin’ pussyhat. I’m doubling up the alpaca on itself to give me a good thick rib, and I am going to either love it or burn it. xD Well, if one could get anything to burn today — it’s quite wet around here. I lucked out that it was dry during the… Read more »

All Aboard the Free Meal Train!

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And by that, I mean my in-laws graciously had us over for Easter dinner. I ‘borrowed’ my father-in-law’s remotes table and curled up in my claimed chair, knitting and zoning out. I actually got through a pattern row and part of a purl row, so that was pretty impressive. As for gaming, I popped up Townsmen and left that running…. Read more »


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I have a few hours of kid duty this evening, horrors of horrors. Z has a meeting, which is fine. It’s my first time tending the fort alone since we’ve been sleep training Littlerbit. He read them some stories before leaving, so really, I just had to herd them upstairs, teeth and toilet, and then into bed. I miiiiiight’ve (definitely)… Read more »

Not Impressed

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Well, I’m happy that I finished the socks. I look forward to wearing them in the next day or two. No, what I’m not impressed with is my phone. I love my phone, but apparently the camera doesn’t work now. Outside of snapping shots of my 3DS and the Shiny Pokémon I’d gleaned today, the socks were the last picture… Read more »

That’s Better (Cry It Out)

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As you can see, the sock is now moving in the right direction after I effed it up last night. At least that’s one thing going in my favour right now. Not going in our favour as of this second is trying again to get Littlerbit sleep trained. We had a specialist in this morning (gratis on the NHS, love… Read more »



I had forgotten what happens when I cross Batman, the world’s neediest cat, with my lap. I get him putting alllll his weight on his pointy little feet and digging deep into my chubmeats. I just scared him off with a pained hiss because, for some reason, he though getting a claw tangled in my leggings was a great idea…. Read more »