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Blue Away

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Earlier in the year, Smalls asked if we could do blue hair this summer. So voila, we have. We only did the ends, and Littler’s hair took it a lot better, but like, it’s done, it’s been did, and I guess summer is officially in progress, ha ha. I’ve put the little remaining to the side in case I get… Read more »

What We Don’t Talk About

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One very cogent and true complaint I see of modern life is how we have this online medium to present a picture perfect life. Fights are glossed over or never mentioned, each child is more picture perfect than the last, and isn’t everything enviable? Everyone is perfectly in love with the love of their life, and everyone is shitting rainbows… Read more »



I had forgotten what happens when I cross Batman, the world’s neediest cat, with my lap. I get him putting alllll his weight on his pointy little feet and digging deep into my chubmeats. I just scared him off with a pained hiss because, for some reason, he though getting a claw tangled in my leggings was a great idea…. Read more »

The Closest Thing to Hot Dog Legs…

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Yeah okay, once again I am borrowing a picture and then a bit from my Instagram. So sue me, ha ha, I’m tired. It’s been a long day, though a mainly good one. We got up and out of the hotel promptly, picked up some breakfast en route, and were one of the first in the queue to get on… Read more »