The Closest Thing to Hot Dog Legs…

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Yeah okay, once again I am borrowing a picture and then a bit from my Instagram. So sue me, ha ha, I’m tired. It’s been a long day, though a mainly good one. We got up and out of the hotel promptly, picked up some breakfast en route, and were one of the first in the queue to get on the ferry (and therefore also one of the first off). The drive across the Isle of Wight was beautiful and sedate without being congested. We confirmed that my in-laws had settled in nicely, the rest of the adults went and fetched groceries while I tended to little ones, and we made it to the beach for a little bit. I seriously only just got my laptop out for the first time since before 8am. How do I not have the shakes? Beats me. *whistles*

But yeah, it’s gorgeous down here on the south side of the island. We are legit right on the beach with am amazing view of the world outside compliments of a beautiful conservatory/dining room. And while today was rather warm, the rest of the week is supposed to be a decent bit cooler and mainly clear. I’m going to be blissed out quite a bit, I am thinking. But like, not doing too much either. There’s so much that we are probably going to do, but I trust Z to not overload us. My shitty health aside, we don’t want to overtax the children. Having said that, kids are powered by demons or something and never stop going, sooo… *chuckles*

Anyways, #1 complaint for now is that the internet here is obnoxiously spotty, so I am going to wrap this up while it’s momentarily behaving and enjoy the quiet.


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