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Earlier in the year, Smalls asked if we could do blue hair this summer. So voila, we have. We only did the ends, and Littler’s hair took it a lot better, but like, it’s done, it’s been did, and I guess summer is officially in progress, ha ha. I’ve put the little remaining to the side in case I get a hankering to try and get a blue streak in when I dye my hair later today/tomorrow/sometime soon.

It’s been… a day. Smalls and I had a clash over the terms of morning snack, which persisted because her stubbornness couldn’t change the line that myself and Z had laid down. I acknowledged that it wasn’t what she wanted, but what she wanted was waaaay too much for the particular time in question. Hopefully this won’t be the tone of the entire summer… probably not. I got through it with a smile, and was glad that childling was willing to work with me in the end to understand that we weren’t trying to be mean or punitive.

But yeah like, I’ve also been in a lot of pain today. Like, all the pain, all over. So of course I made it worse by deciding that part of the kitchen REALLY needed cleaning. I mean, it did, but like… not the brightest choice, considering. I keep doing this to myself lately, because I’ll get a sudden micro-flare of energy and think, ‘Ooh, I can do the thing.’ No self, you cannot do the thing. xD

Right, I should wrap this up and think about herding children to bed. Dord!


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