Third Time?

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I have once again cast off on my effin’ pussyhat. I’m doubling up the alpaca on itself to give me a good thick rib, and I am going to either love it or burn it. xD Well, if one could get anything to burn today — it’s quite wet around here. I lucked out that it was dry during the school run, though I was mildly amused that it bucketed rain and ceased in the time I opened my door, turned around, and put my raincoat on. So you know, thanks Mother Nature for giving me a break or something.

Right now is for football. Our household supports Tottenham Hotspur, while my father-in-law supports Crystal Palace. As they’re playing together, I suggested we invite him over. And then I completely forgot until Z told me that his dad would be over shortly, ha ha. It’s nice — I’m glad that we can share and socialise with them (and I bet Mum doesn’t mind having an evening to herself). But really, they helped a lot in loving and supporting me unconditionally that helped me heal as a person, so yanno, all the <3s.

Lacking the <3s is forgetting to take my meds last night. Because I had kid duty solo, my schedule was thrown out that tiny amount. I don’t blame Z — it’s a very ADHD thing. I can only hope that it doesn’t eff up my sleep for the next couple of nights while body chemistry tries to sort itself out. I tossed one of my dwindling melatonin after it, so hopefully it won’t be too bad. I’m mainly annoyed because I had JUST gotten back into the round after messing up one night not too long ago. *doinks brain and mutters*

Right then, gonna… something something.


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