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Earlier today, I caught a glimpse of precipitation flying by. ‘Oh goodie, it’s starting to rain!’ I exclaimed, and opened my curtain wider. Except it wasn’t just rain, it was a mix of rain and hail and snow. Whut. It didn’t last more than a minute or two before it stopped, but it was like, really? Really?!

Having said that, I’m hoping it snows next month out of sentimentality. You see, next year I celebrate my 10th anniversary of immigrating to the UK. It happened to snow, a good and proper one, the week before I arrived. Even if I didn’t get to see it (it had melted by then), it would tickle my fancy if it happened again. But also, I guess that’s me still holding on tenaciously and hoping that there will be some sort of snow before the end of the year so I can play in it with the girls. I’ve been very disappointed on that count this year. *chuckles*

Smallhausen as a cow wearing a t-shirt. Because why not.

As I clocked yesterday, today is the one day this week I don’t have to leave the house. And bonus, Littlerbit decided that she wanted a nap early, so I was able to get some glorious cuddles, AND have a bit of time to finish my morning writing before tucking into work. She decided she was going to attach herself to me after she woke up and had lunch, but oh well. The cuddles were nice yet again, though it’s hard to reach a keyboard with a toddler bouncing around between oneself and said keyboard!

Tomorrow is apparently all go for everyone. Z and his father have some work errands to run, the kiddos have school, and that means I have to hobble my ass to and fro in addition to work. Am I a real girl woman yet after all this pretending to be the last couple of days? *chuckles* Naw like, I think that it IS doing me good to hobble around and try to get a few steps in on the daily. I’m still not convinced that I’m not overdoing it, but… we’ll see how it goes.

For now, I have the downstairs to myself. The girls are in bed (after several false starts and an injury or two), and Z is at a meeting. So of course, I’m zoning out in games. I need to make myself work on that shawl cast-off, but… *waves arm vaguely* It’s all the way over there. Feh! *chuckles* Really, I can actually do that Thursday if it comes to it, as well as take three on the hat. I’ve got some cream alpaca a friend sent me some years ago, so i figured I can use that for the ribbing, and the red for the body, and it will be rather cute. The alpaca isn’t quite the same weight as the wool, but I’m thinking I’ll just double it up to be on the safe side.

Anyhoos, lots of words. I flee!


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