Gotta Love the Kittencorn

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As much as I might go on about unicorns lately, and being a bit of one myself, I know that my truest form is the kittencorn as pictured here. It’s adorable, it’s mythical, and it’s a bit snarky at that. Really, Teeturtle owns me heart and soul with its assorted cute creations, this amongst them.

I’m preparing to go out, and it’s looking like it should be a good one. E has confirmed that she needs a ride, so hooray. I’ve got the hat started off as y’all saw yesterday, and hopefully can make myself sit down and get the cast-off done on the shawl. We’ll see. The only ‘problem’ is that I’ve been in some pain today, back behind the shoulder blades mainly. I just took something for it, so hopefully that will take the edge off enough.

Anyways, I should make sure that I have all my stuff ready.


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