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I have had the worst freaking luck in my Shiny hunting the last couple of days. I’ve effed up searches, having two end abruptly at 179 Pokémon deep, and 113 Pokémon deep. That’s… well, hours lost, and much annoyance gleaned. So it was sort of edifying today that I got this Grubbin here 22 Pokémon in, and Magnemite 60 in…. Read more »

Small Grown Tall

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After a semi-epic struggle this afternoon, I managed to get Littlerbit’s hair brushed and pulled back. Between those two things and putting a shirt on her, I apparently offended her greatly, ha ha. My darling little camera hog was even put out enough to not want to ham it up for the camera, though I did get some cute pictures… Read more »


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I have no idea what the frack is going on, but my phone seems to have bit it. Well. The things that I do it I can’t do, which pretty much circumvents the whole phone part of it that I don’t use. To get my Instagram fix, I’ve been using my long-neglected digital camera + Bluestacks. But like… it’s not… Read more »

Not Impressed

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Well, I’m happy that I finished the socks. I look forward to wearing them in the next day or two. No, what I’m not impressed with is my phone. I love my phone, but apparently the camera doesn’t work now. Outside of snapping shots of my 3DS and the Shiny Pokémon I’d gleaned today, the socks were the last picture… Read more »

Nearly There (Times Two)

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Today has been a fairly productive day, hobby-wise. My Pokédex nears completion; I am only four shy of 100% at this moment (now three shy, as one just arrived via GTS). I am now trying my luck to get one more of the four via the trade system, but the other two are 100% a functioning of levelling. Well. I… Read more »