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After a bit of fiddling to make hair and tail occur on my unicorn, I declared her completely done this morning. I had to stop knitting because my back and shoulders started aching. They’ve been really crappy all day, even with pain meds thrown at them. Knitting in chunky tends to bother it more than most other knitting, so I’ve… Read more »

Nearly There

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I’ve been slowly plugging at my sewing all day, and the unicorn is nearly done. I just have to sew in the blue star (which ended up looking more like a flower), and then start threading the hair and mane in. I don’t know how tedious that may or may not be, but I guess I will see when I… Read more »

Slow Progress

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I’m in the boring sewing-up stage of having made a toy. I’ve got the head and body joined, and one of the legs attached; the other is pinned on so I have a vague idea of where to place it. It will still probably take me a couple of tries because this is absolutely not my forte, but I want… Read more »

Pinkie Dink

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I just finished off the little set of toy mice — hooray! The only downside is that I ran out of gray when doing the baby pinkie mouse, so I had to improvise. One ear is pink and black, the arms are black, and the legs and tail are the pink to match the parental mice. I also had to… Read more »

Not Exactly My Forte

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First things first — I finished my socks last night, as I thought I would. I think I am going to debut them tomorrow, as they would look grand over a pair of black leggings. Secondly, as my cool-down project, I decided I would finish the poor mouse that has been languishing on my desk for… well, quite some time… Read more »


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I have no idea what the frack is going on, but my phone seems to have bit it. Well. The things that I do it I can’t do, which pretty much circumvents the whole phone part of it that I don’t use. To get my Instagram fix, I’ve been using my long-neglected digital camera + Bluestacks. But like… it’s not… Read more »

Dinner is Served

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Why yes, that is a large bowl of strawberry ice cream. We were out for a party for one of Smallhausen’s friends at lunchtime, so we all had a hot lunch then. When we were at the grocery store yesterday I was reminded of my desire for strawberry ice cream, so voila. I might well have another bowl, yanno, seeing… Read more »