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More Pretty Things

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Today has been an amusing day. I’d commented to E last night that out of the ‘advice’ giving game these days. So of course, I end up having several mutually cathartic conversations with friends over the course of the day, ha ha. Which is great! I love catching up with friends, and in one case, I honestly cannot remember how… Read more »

Not Exactly My Forte

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First things first — I finished my socks last night, as I thought I would. I think I am going to debut them tomorrow, as they would look grand over a pair of black leggings. Secondly, as my cool-down project, I decided I would finish the poor mouse that has been languishing on my desk for… well, quite some time… Read more »

Natural Light!

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Eurovision time, just about! Smallhausen and I went to the train station to pick up our friend Jezebelle. I was oddly nervous about making the trip as I had never driven that way on my own, but it was fine. I had a laugh ’cause I second-guessed which way I was going and went the wrong way at one point,… Read more »

Progress in Motion

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Today, the glorious racket outside continued as the BT Openreach team continued to get the cabinet on our street installed and upgraded. I’m not exactly sure what they were doing, but it required them digging up part of the road (again). They were repaving it when I went to get Littler from school, and on the way back. I smiled… Read more »


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If there was one thing that the girls wanted to do today, it was to get out on the back garden and play with some bubbles.  I was dragging my heels on assisting them because I was trying to get work-work done, but  I eventually got them dressed… just in time for Z to show up with, surprise, bubble guns…. Read more »

Puny Party

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Today was one of those odd days where Littlerbit wanted to be attached to me the entirety of the day. That included well after Z got home from work; even if she deigns to snuggle me, she abandons me the second he gets in. But nope, I was what she wanted, and I gave her lots of it. I didn’t… Read more »

Back to Square… Something

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I fudged something very slightly on the last row of the pattern, but I can’t see what it is and I had the right number of stitches on the whole, so I call it a job well done. I’ve started the second iteration of the pattern, and hope to make some good progress tonight. Or at least, progress, hee hee…. Read more »