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Today, the glorious racket outside continued as the BT Openreach team continued to get the cabinet on our street installed and upgraded. I’m not exactly sure what they were doing, but it required them digging up part of the road (again). They were repaving it when I went to get Littler from school, and on the way back. I smiled ’cause like, yanno, maybe decent internets soon.

In other nets, networking of a sort. There’s been one mum in particular that I’ve been chatting with in passing off and on since… well, since I first met her at the surgery when Littler and her youngest were newborns. Her bigger girl is already in nursery half days, so I see her then as well. I gathered my courage and pointed out that we hadn’t had a proper introduction yet, so after a few weeks of sounding like an overly affectionate lesbian couple at our parting (bye lovely! bye sweetie! etc), we now have names. And then she asked ‘the’ question — are you on Facebook? I gave her my name and my user name, and then messaged E that I had pinned down the name. Her reply? Oh, we’re FB friends, so you can find her that way. Thanks, ha ha. I tease E ’cause she’s like, everyone’s friend. I guess that’s just who she is as a person though, and I’m not complaining about it.

I, of course, had a lovely night out with her last night at knitting. Our ‘token’ Aussie was in the house, so we got her caught up on all the ‘excitement’ she’d missed, tried to do french knot coasters, and overall chatted and did some degree of knitting. I made some good progress on my sock, and now I’m dragging my heels because I want to keep going and making the leg part longer, but I have to account for the fact I’ve got chubby thighs now. I think I can probably go another inch without any problems, maybe two, and there is more than enough wool to see it done. We’ll see!

For now, I need to go help tuck children in, and then rub spoons together to think about baking. Wish me luck.


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