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Today has been an amusing day. I’d commented to E last night that out of the ‘advice’ giving game these days. So of course, I end up having several mutually cathartic conversations with friends over the course of the day, ha ha. Which is great! I love catching up with friends, and in one case, I honestly cannot remember how many years have passed since we’ve had a proper chat. I hope the next one happens sooner rather than later, hee hee.

The pretty things, as you can probably see, are more stitch markers.  A pack of beads I ordered came in today, so I was picking through to see what I could do with them. I was also making myself mainly work with doing the snagless tiger tail wire markers. I have some sort of un-knack for doing the crimp beads in a way that happily stays on, so I was practising doing that. I think that I managed to make some that will actually manage to last more than a second, so yay for that. I’ve also found some bigger open jump rings so I can experiment with making the snagless bead ones suitable for using on bigger needles. The rings I have now are 10mm, but add a bead, and you lose a few of those millimetres. They are more than fine for the 4mm and less that most people use, but since super chunky and jumbo are trendy, it pleases me to make something that is more suitable for there. I still have no plan on selling them or anything like that, but it’s nice to make them and give them to friends.

Beyond that, last nice was pleasant enough. I ended up having to pull out the first few rows I’d done on the second sleeve because I was working the wrong pattern, but that was fine in the end. I mean, we’re talking a grand total of four rows. I was able to turn that around and a bit before leaving the pub. I found out someone was acting like a child at one point, but eh. *shrugs* I’m not rising to the bait. I hope that they choose to grow up and realise how much they are alienating people with their behaviour, but yanno, that’s on them, not me. I do my best to be friendly and polite to everyone (with like, a singular incident against that ethos that I can’t claim to regret). But for the most part, I believe in trying to keep a good group atmosphere, and that requires holding up my part of making it a nice place to be. E feels pretty strongly about this too, so. We’ll see what happens. One doesn’t have to be friends with everyone, and I’m personally more than fine with people disliking me specifically. But I do take issue with them ruining a good thing. 🙂

Right, that’s more than enough. Back to knitting.


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