Feeling Cute

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I don’t know what it it is about today, but I’ve been feeling super cute. I couldn’t even tell you why in particular. I mean, I default think that I am adorable and all of that. I like me, I like my failing meatbag in a frustrated sort of way. Maybe my body was just squirtin’ an extra dose of dopamine or something, ha ha.

Speaking of frustrated, I’m frustrated by my sudden desire to try and sell stitch markers on Etsy or something. I’m enjoying making them, and I look forward to giving them to friends far and wide. It’s a hobby, and I think that trying to sell things would destroy the fun. There’s also already a lot of people selling the same product, and I don’t really want to deal with fighting uphill to sell something. Maybe I’ll just make them, offer them to friends, and let them chuck money or services my way in exchange. Or maybe I’ll just give them away. I’m pretty okay with just giving them away.

Smalls ended up coming home sick from school today. If she had asked this morning to stay home, Z and I agreed that we would have said yes. But she didn’t ask or suggest that she couldn’t make it, so we let her go. I got her curled up on the couch with her tablet and cartoons, and left her be outside of popping over for quick cuddles, ’cause I didn’t want to drape myself over her. And once I caught her drifting off, I gently suggested that she go upstairs for a nap. She’s still up there, so hopefully she’ll sleep through until morning. I know Z chided her this morning for getting up too early and losing sleep that way, so her making up for it will probably do her a world of good.

There’s nothing on for the weekend that I know of, which is fine by me. I’m properly started on the second sleeve of Z’s jumper, so that’ll keep my naughty hands busy. Probably.


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