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Feeling Cute

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I don’t know what it it is about today, but I’ve been feeling super cute. I couldn’t even tell you why in particular. I mean, I default think that I am adorable and all of that. I like me, I like my failing meatbag in a frustrated sort of way. Maybe my body was just squirtin’ an extra dose of… Read more »

Peek At You!

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Or Pikachu. Har har har, I’m hilarious. <__< But I liked the whole part of myself in the mirror, ’cause yanno, fancy mirror. It’s fun. I have done an incredibly good job of doing nothing today — huzzah! It took me all freaking day to get my morning writing done, but that was fine. That time was ‘wasted’ playing Prison… Read more »

Glowingly Red

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I should add that my face isn’t actually that red, but between the shirt and the freshly dyed hair, the yellow glow of the light bulb above is making me positively lurid. *grins* Z was a great help, for which I am grateful. The whole getting the colour into my hair, and then washing it out was very exhausting. But… Read more »

Eye Candy

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Sunday. The day of doing little. Which means that there were chores done ’cause adults. Well, Z is always doing all the chores because he’s a god, and I’m a cripple. It’s not like he’s got the Adonis-level energy and strength for it, he just… he just does it ’cause it needs doing at whatever cost to himself, and I… Read more »

What Is This Even

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One thing that is great about ordering a curry is that we have to order two night’s worth to actually get anyone to deliver to us out here in the ‘boonies’. I ate well here on day two, probably a bit more than I should have. But that doesn’t explain why I’ve been slammed by a huge wave of dizzy…. Read more »