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Fashion Kitty

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Amazingly, I put stickers on a cat without being murdered. I was picking them off of the couch where Littler had put them, so I put one on Batman. He didn’t really move, so I did it a few more times. I presume that Z helped him get them off after I dashed off to bed. At least most of… Read more »

Did a Thing

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Today has followed yesterday in being a day of not doing much. I DID manage the bathing thing though, a fact that my hair is super grateful for. I also got several loads of laundry pushed through, but I’m not going to worry about folding that stuff until like… not today. That I got those two chores done in some… Read more »

Glowingly Red

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I should add that my face isn’t actually that red, but between the shirt and the freshly dyed hair, the yellow glow of the light bulb above is making me positively lurid. *grins* Z was a great help, for which I am grateful. The whole getting the colour into my hair, and then washing it out was very exhausting. But… Read more »