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Amazingly, I put stickers on a cat without being murdered. I was picking them off of the couch where Littler had put them, so I put one on Batman. He didn’t really move, so I did it a few more times. I presume that Z helped him get them off after I dashed off to bed. At least most of the stick was already used up, so they shouldn’t have caused him any actual discomfort.

Z decided to get an Amazon Echo Dot a few days ago, and today is my first day really playing with it. What that amounts to is me attempting to find songs that Alexa doesn’t know. I’ve managed to find a few. I’m also feeling hyper-aware of *how* I say things to try and get it to pick up on them, which I’m guessing fades a bit once one gets used to the wiretap (Dot) being there. But also, it’s nice ’cause I’m making an effort to share music with the girls in a way I normally don’t do, ’cause the effort is a bit too much for me (even if it really shouldn’t be).

Today was… well. I’m increasingly convinced that the fibro wagon has rolled up. I’m not really sure how to explain things, but like. I’m always tired and in pain — that’s default even on good days. Days like today have my hands and feet especially feeling… weird? Tingly? I don’t know how to describe it, but I’m in so much pain by default that I don’t know whether or not it actually hurts. But it’s new, and seems to occur especially when I am running lower than usual on spoons, so. Who knows. Work got done, bathing got done, and I am grudgingly prepared for having to leave the house tomorrow.

Oh yes, one neat thing happened today. My friend who is making spiffy soaps made me a custom one. Z can’t have alcohol anything doing its thing in the house because it stops him breathing, so I was happy to let my friend try her hand at something that, hopefully, will cut the mustard. Plus, it’s got a cat with a ghost, and even if it ends up just being a show piece, it’s gonna rock. But really, buy Dee’s soaps. They are beautiful and interesting, and reasonably priced.

Off to dinner!


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