The Things I Do (For Retro Gaming)

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Today, I had Littler home with pinkeye. She was in good spirits otherwise, and Z acquired some eyedrops from the surgery so that she isn’t stuck home with it for more than today. Between that and work, I kept busy for that allotted time of the day.

After that, I’ve been driving myself around the bend installing old OSes via Virtualbox. You see, one of my favourite games to this day is Civilization II: The Test of Time. I still play the fantasy game especially to this day… or I would, if it hadn’t hit constant crashout in the past year. It’s patched for 64-bit systems, and I’ve fiddled with various compatibility modes… nada. It gets to a certain point, some as of yet uncounted by me number of cities… and it stops working and won’t let me build any more cities. And considering I know that there is an actual hard cap of cities in the game that doesn’t crash the game? It’s maddening.

On the upshot, I know how to install old OSes in a virtual machine now? I’ve fiddled with 3.11 for workgroups, and 95, but both of those are too old for purposes. That makes sense, seeing as they both still had mega DOS integration (the former being a shell over DOS). I figure I might try my luck with Windows 2000 when I feel like trying another round of fiddling with. For the exact second, my brain is gooey from playing with operating systems so much of the day.

Beyond that, I’ve done a bit of knitting, and a lot of zoning out. Tomorrow is for work and bathing… we’ll see how it goes (and whether or not I get company again, ha ha).


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