Iffin I Fits…

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I’m not completely sure why, but Poison decided that she direly needed to be on the two inches available on the table. My theory is that she sniffed something on the breeze coming in the crack of the window, but who knows. Honestly, only reason that I cared is that Littler has a plant there (Poison’s tail is wrapped around the pot), and I didn’t want Poison eating it or disturbing it. She didn’t mess with it though, and eventually wandered off, so. *shrugs* I’ll choose to take the bright outlook that Poison must be feeling decent if she’s happy to hop up there.

I have had a splendiferous day alone. With one or the other of the girls home most days last week, I really needed the bit of not-doing alone time. I gamed, I knitted, I zoned out. I sat around feeling cute ’cause I got my hair up into a tidy bun with the shawl pin that came with my knitting needles. I’ve managed it a couple of times in spite of me thinking it was too short for the amount of hair I have, but it’s been quite good.

Past that, debating whether or not I want to order a bar of soap from a friend’s shop. They look effin’ amazing, but I don’t use bar soap. I’m trying to do the very least of making sure to plug her wares pretty much everywhere I can in the hopes of drumming up sales, so at least I’m trying to support her that way. If any of y’all like handmade soap, consider buying some?

Right, gonna go eat.


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