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Today is Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday) here in the United Kingdom. I got Z to take a few pictures of me and the girls being sweet/goofy/very us, such as this one at home. We’re currently at his parent’s house hanging out and eating. The girls have sung karaoke at us, cards were exchanged, and affirmations of affection were passed around.

And by ‘affirmations of affection’, I wrote something really nice in my mother-in-law’s card.  I’ve been excited for days to have this excuse to reaffirm my love and appreciation of her in my life. I blew her a kiss when she looked up from reading it, which she reciprocated. I’m really grateful for her, because I wouldn’t be who I am today without her gentle, no-strings-attached love and acceptance of me from day one. It took me a long time to realise that’s how mother-daughter relationships are actually supposed to be, but now I could never accept less. 🙂

As for my daughters, I gave them cuddles and thanked them for making me a mother. I feel so lucky to have ended up with such amazing children; I don’t think I could have do any better than the pair we have. While I might have gotten off to a slightly rocky start in this mothering gig, I got better because they inspired me to do better, to be worthy of their love, lives, and time. I think that’s an important part of being a parent — figuring out how to be a better parent and person for oneself, one’s family, and the world in general. If I do better, then my kids will hopefully be inspired to do the same.

So yes, it’s been a nice afternoon of eating and chatting. My only complaint is that I forgot my mouse, so my fingers are feeling a bit sprained from having to use the trackpad. I’ve made some good progress on my knitting, and showed off the jumper so far. Mum made me grin when she commented it would work as a nice dress on me, so I modelled it as such. I totally could steal it and use it as a dress if I wanted to, ha ha.

Right, gonna wrap this up and think about getting packed up to go home.


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