Thump Thump Thump

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Today’s image comes to you compliments of noise. You see, the girls are upstairs having a dance party, so all I can hear down here is the loud thumpings of them jumping around. I smile — I dimly remember having the energy to bop around like that. I’m glad that they have an appreciation of music and moving around to it. Z and I both dance like nobody is watching by default, so it’s great to see the girls appearing to embrace the same idea.

It’s been a pretty chill day for myself and the girls. Z, on the other hand, has been doing ALL THE CHORES. Things had gotten behind this week because he was in pain, and while he’s still in pain, the chores couldn’t wait any longer. I wish I could do more to support him. I tried to herd children, and I crushed some cans, but that’s not really a lot. He’s having a nice bath right now, so I’m hoping that after dinner he’ll be able to sit and rest for a few hours.

And at least he won’t have to worry about food quite as much tomorrow; as I expected, his mother called to invite us around to eat. I like it when she puts out a spread, and of course, I like going over there and spending time with them. I really should make the effort to do it more often. And, by a similar token, I keep hoping that Mum will take up my open offer to come around for a cuppa. I am mindful that our clutterfest is stressful to her, but I/we are slowly trying to get it reined in… as best our limited spoonage can manage.

For now though, I’m retro gaming + Pokemon + knitting. The sleeve is coming along quite nicely, though I keep overthinking things like I always do. So it goes.


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