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Today’s picture comes compliments of photographer Littlerbit… your guess as to what it could be is as good as mine. I suspect that it’s the brown couch next to me, as it has a red blanket on it. That would explain a picture mainly filled with red, along with whatever nausea-inducing blurriness that fills the rest of the space. >__>

I ended up having Smalls at home with me today. She expressed feeling non-specifically poorly, and we opted to take her at her word. After all, that honestly describes how we have all felt this week, and it’s not like missing a day of school and taking it easy was going to do her any harm. She curled up on the couch and rested, and I did the work thing.

And now that’s all done and it’s the weekend thing, woo. I don’t know if there is anything on the agenda, and because it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, I’m gonna keep my head down and be surprised or not surprised as things happen. *chuckles* I don’t expect anything fancier than some cards from Z and the girls, and that’s fine by me. I’m guessing we might go over to visit his mother as well, which is always fine by me (and something I should be doing more often).

Anyways. Gonna get back to gaming and knitting. The sleeve is growing pleasingly quickly, though slightly faster than I accounted for when calculating increases. Oh well, I’ll adjust as I go; this is why I keep really thorough notes of what I’m doing when and where.


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