The Power of Butts

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Z messaged me this picture earlier today. He was doing another Vistaprint order, and apparently the mugs are super cheap, so he bought us a pair of butt mugs. Because butts. It’s a good thing we’re about to do a clear out of some mugs, ’cause otherwise we’d not have space for these beauties. xD

Today has been productive, even if it’s been dragging myself forward by the (metaphorical) hair of my chin. I’m as caught up on work things as I can be, which means I put myself on standby tomorrow, but otherwise don’t really have to do anything. I’ve got clean hair, which per usual, feels amazing once I’m done with the actual effort of getting it there. Having said that, my pain levels are starting to creep up for having to exert myself, which isn’t fun. At this point, I’m pretty convinced that fibromyalgia caught up with me, even if it’s not as bad as friends have described (so far). It’s hard to tell if I’m honest, because my default baseline is pain and exhaustion, so what’s a little more? That’s rhetorical — a little more is definitely noticed and felt.

For now, my plan is to wrap this up, and try to finish off the shoulder cap on the first sleeve. I’m not completely convinced that it’s long enough even if it’s hitting the point where the pattern claims it should be. I figure that if I can get it done before I go out tonight, then I will have the right idea of what I am doing for the second sleeve. Fingers crossed for me, yeah? 😉


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