A Definite Fit

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I realised this morning that I was able to get an arm safely into the sleeve due to the fact I’m working the shoulder shaping. So, of course, I had to get Z to come check the fit. As you can see, it fits well, which is yay. And it looks like it’s comfortable and not too tight, which is always a relief. I’d hate that I spent all that time and it ended up being too snug, yanno?

Today was a head down in work sort of day. I got a bit worked up about something this morning, and after getting a bit snappish at a friend, I decided to put myself in social media time-out. It wasn’t their fault that our neurodiversities sometimes rub against each other a bit funny. I’m still feeling really worn out for the experience though — strong emotion is a real spoon stealer. Hopefully it will mean better sleep tonight? Probably not, ha ha, but a girl can hope. I *did* sleep better last night than the night before, but that was with a couple of melatonin. I expect that I will be doing the same thing for the next couple of nights, though hopefully it will circle back around to ‘normal’ sooner rather than later.

Tonight, if I don’t forget again, I am going to do some more playing with stitch markers. I looked up a way to make snagless markers with beads that seems within my realm of ability, so I figure I should try my hand at it, especially for my friend who knits socks and breasts and has expressed concerns that my double jump ring markers aren’t ideal for those. Fair enough — and I like trying different things, so.

*stifles yawn* Dord.


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