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I’ve Got a Brand New Bag…

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Of wool. Because it was £5 a pop for a couple of 400 gram balls of aran wool, and I made grabbyhands at getting it for half-price. These were the four balls available — two black, and two lilac, and I am going to use them to make blanket. Or blankets. I’m not really sure how much ridiculousness I can… Read more »

Brilliant Times

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Hahah, it’s late, so late. But it was a really good night out. It was a small group, only five of us, but it was a candid and friendly environment with lots of good chatter and crafting and the usual silliness. I had some rather edifying conversations that made me feel less alone in the world. I also managed to… Read more »

Puny Party

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Today was one of those odd days where Littlerbit wanted to be attached to me the entirety of the day. That included well after Z got home from work; even if she deigns to snuggle me, she abandons me the second he gets in. But nope, I was what she wanted, and I gave her lots of it. I didn’t… Read more »

A Lovely Evening

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It could have been a drama-filled one, but instead it was nice. Someone was being especially dramatic about everything, but as they fecked off to another part of the pub altogether, it didn’t bother me none. It did bother some of the other members, who were only just having to raise that said person was a bit of a fussy… Read more »

Food, Glorious Food!

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At our normal Thursday meeting, the pub in question puts on some free grub for us. It’s usually some potato chips and sandwiches, but they gave us the option of chipping in and getting something a bit fancier. Don’t let the savoury picture fool you — that was only a fraction of the trays they presented us. Suffices to say,… Read more »

There and Back Again

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This is going to be a short one, ’cause it’s super late. I got home from Pins & Needles 10 minutes or so ago, and have been flailing all of them (because for one, I forgot to take my meds with me. Whups). Pain: I woke up this morning in incredibly painful pain. Like, I thought I was having a… Read more »

Shake Your Legs

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Ta da, the body is done on the giraffe! Or cow, if you ask Smallhausen. Whatever kiddo, if you want to call it a cow, then you can do that. I’m just glad that it’s coming out mainly looking alright. I’ve learned a few things about how to knit better the next toy I make, to include doing long tail… Read more »

Back From the Pub

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I return in one piece from our second Pins & Needles session. Last time wasn’t a fluke — this was also an enjoyable time. I spent most of it yawning, because apparently I relax when I’m out and that means almost falling asleep on myself. Whups. I had three pints of Coke though, so that sort of helps me fight… Read more »

Pins & Needles

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This is a quick one on the top of a successful inaugural session of a new knitting group; C and T have named it ‘Pins & Needles’, which is as apt as Stitch ‘n Bitch is. It was a new location with a few new faces, but mainly it was the same old crew in a new location, but now… Read more »