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I have had the worst freaking luck in my Shiny hunting the last couple of days. I’ve effed up searches, having two end abruptly at 179 Pokémon deep, and 113 Pokémon deep. That’s… well, hours lost, and much annoyance gleaned. So it was sort of edifying today that I got this Grubbin here 22 Pokémon in, and Magnemite 60 in. The only downside is that got me optimistic that I could manage another, so I’m 171 deep into Meowths now. Sigh! *chuckles ruefully*

Sod’s law though — it had to happen, ’cause I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll just do this one quickly, and then I’ll get stuck into some knitting’. I’m double-fisting the knitting right now; I’ve got one end of the rainbow doing a little hat, and the other end doing a blanket square. Why? Because why not. But it doesn’t go so well with the button mashing that is extended Pokémon battling, ha ha.

Past that, been hobble-hurting. I twisted one of my knees in my sleep. How do I know this? Because I hit a point in the night where I woke up any time I moved because I was in agony. It didn’t keep me up once I had shifted position, but it was a rather unpleasant start to the day. I’ve permitted myself to take more than one dose of pain meds ’cause it was that sort of severe. I’m hoping that it’s mainly sorted and that it doesn’t eff up my sleep.

Oooh, there’s the Shiny Meowth now! I just have the little blighter stop summoning buddies, and Bob’s my (great) uncle. Which means that I still need to make a point to start a battle with a Ledyba while it’s day in my game, and then deal with it tomorrow. Probably. xD


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