Small Grown Tall

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After a semi-epic struggle this afternoon, I managed to get Littlerbit’s hair brushed and pulled back. Between those two things and putting a shirt on her, I apparently offended her greatly, ha ha. My darling little camera hog was even put out enough to not want to ham it up for the camera, though I did get some cute pictures nonetheless. This one, for example. I looked at it and did a double take, ’cause it was like seeing Smallhausen from behind, albeit shorter. When did my baby reach person-esque proportions? I knew she was getting there, but still — to actually have to see it and note it is another thing. Now, if she’s stay in bed and sleep like a big girl… well. If I could have that, and my daytime cuddles, that would be the best-bestest. She’s not too far off of being too big to cuddle up on me and rest. I didn’t have that with Smallhausen because I was too messed up to connect. We’re awesome now and have been for years, but I absolutely missed out on the good things of the baby/toddler phase.

Past that, it was a day of doing work-work, and effing up trying to get Shiny Pokémon. I managed to nab a Spinarak in a reasonable amount of time, which was pleasing. The crossed out lines is where I messed up trying to get a Shiny Grubbin. I’d zoned out on switching to a ‘fresh’ bug in the chain so it didn’t Struggle and kill itself, so it did just that. Whups. I’ll probably try my luck again once I’m done here. It, at least, helps me keep my toes in the game.

I guess that’s about it for now. We survived the first week back after the holidays after a fashion, so hooray for that. *waves tiny flag*


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