No Comments on Bias

I decided this afternoon when trying to figure out what to knit tonight that I would attempt to do a blanket square on a bias. All that really means is working it corner to corner rather than top to bottom. I need to block it to see how I really feel about it, but it came out looking pretty cool. And most importantly, it gave me something to focus on knitting while I was there. I also did another tiny hat for The Big Knit and started on a second, so. Go me. *shakes tiny pom poms*


The weather this evening can only be described as freezing. I bundled up well to go there and back, and was able to enjoy some pretty frost. It’s currently 29F//feels like 25F, or -2C//feels like -4C. That’s chilly. But I was lucky to not be out in the wind really going to and from the car, so it was bearable for the short bits of time outside. Now, if only some of it would turn to snow instead of all this just above freezing rain crap.

Anyways, it’s late, I’m tired, and so on. Later!


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