Relaxation Attempt…

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I’ve got my knitting, I’ve got my games… I’ve also got a childling who wants me to help her learn how to play Sims 4. That last bit means I’ve had to get up a couple of times to show her bits, which of course, she times perfectly to me sitting down and juuust about getting comfortable, ha ha. But that’s fine more or less. She’s made our family in-game and is building them a house, so I’m glad to support her creative efforts.

The weather has been much nicer today. It rained overnight and all through the day, the only downside of which is that the school had to postpone Sports Day. I was amused this morning because I was mulling on how to best enjoy a mud-free experience, while pragmatic Z knew they were going to cancel it because of the weather. The new date has been picked, about two weeks out, which should hopefully circle around the eXtreme heat we’re supposed to be getting in the next week and change.

Anyways. Breathe in, breathe out.


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