One Done

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And just like that, the first sock of the pair is done. I did something weird when I was grafting the toes, but your guess is as good as to mine as to what I did wrong *laughs*. The point is the toe is closed and it doesn’t irritate my toesies, so job done (and not like anyone is gonna see the join, so). I’ve weighed the remaining wool and reassured myself that I have more than enough for sock #2, which I have already gotten cast on and joined. I will probably lose the will to live while working on the body of the sock, but at least I know how long it will take this time, which makes it a lot easier to suck it up and keep going.

The weather has been reputedly better today, but it’s hitting me harder for some reason. I’m sure that I’m not helping by trying to buckle down and make laundry happen. Having said that, Z found an aspect for Smalls to do to make it easier on us; he had her take on the sorting duties. We take the clean baskets up to our bedroom and sort them on our bed, since that gives plenty of room for everyone’s stuff. It was nice to go up there and just focus on folding my own things (though I usually do Smaller’s as well at the least).

Anyways! Gonna go eat dinner. The girls are having mini-pizzas, and Z and I are having a lovely curry. Nom nom.


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