Thrice Pierced

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I finally got off of my ass and got the little cardi washed and blocked. This time, I did something smart — I pinned it with three blocks behind it. Which means that it’s better pinned, and I don’t have needles sticking up all over the place begging to be impaled on feet. Having said that, it would be quite a feat to get a needle in feets with it being propped up on the couch, so. *chuckles*

The weather has been delightfully cool today. It’s warranted covering my arms, which is always a pleasing (to me) situation. I’m hoping that it means that tonight is also pleasant, because I would very much like to have a nice night under a blanket. I’m not sure how I’ve managed the last two nights with getting to sleep not under a blanket… miracle, really.

Beyond that, the only productive thing I’ve done is update all the prices in my Etsy shop. Credit to Etsy, it was a really easy do. Everything has free domestic shipping now, and I’ve cut prices on EU/Worldwide shipping as well. I’ve had to nudge a few prices up, but it’s still a savings across the board. So we’ll see!

Right, I’m off.


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