Mandatory Fun

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It was the village fun day today, which meant we were obligated to head down to the village hall to take in the sights and eat some ice cream. The girls usually take a turn on the go-carts, but they weren’t here this year. There *was* E’s teddy bear stand, meaning that we came home with ‘new’ stuffed animals (to include Dotty Dog from ‘The Get Along Gang’, because what is my life *laughs*).

It’s been annoyingly warm today. It wasn’t so bad when I was actually outside, but coming back in was brutal. And one trip was a dash to the post office, with me nearly running because I thought the counter closed at noon. Everyone does, apparently; it actually closes half an hour later. But that was fine either way, since I didn’t need the counter to post my parcel. I only wanted to raid the customs forms and airmail stickers, which I probably could have done even if they had shut up for the day.

((and of course, the coming week is supposed to be even hotter. I expect that we’ll be getting the a/c units out sooner rather than later))

Anyways. At least I don’t have to move about tomorrow. I don’t know what I am going to do with myself, but I suspect it’s going to be a lot of staring off into space. *chuckles*


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