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Today was my appointment with the adult menstrual disorders clinic — at one of the local private hospitals. Based on my understanding of how private rolls, I was pretty darn confident that something good would happen. And it did! While the consultant doesn’t think I have endometriosis, he was quite happy to schedule me for endometrial ablation.  Once the NHS approves the funding for the operation, they’ll get me scheduled in as soon as possible. So that’s awesome. I don’t know how soon it will be, but probably sooner rather than later. I’m not counting on it taking me to a point where I no longer have a period, but if it cuts it right back, I will be stupid grateful.

Past that, been at home exemplifying why I need ablation, gaming, and colouring. Z and I stopped at The Range on the way to pick up the girls, and I finally got around to buying a set of coloured pencils for myself, and a new pair of heavy duty scissors. I printed out one of those ‘adult’ colouring pages (no, not a sweary one yet!), and am colouring a few bits at a time. It’s nice. I don’t know what it’s going to end up looking like when I’m done, but that’s fine.

Oh, and there’s been some thunder, and now there is some rain. These are things that make bliss.

*wanders off*

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