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There was a warning light on the fridge this morning, which both girls felt the need to tell me about at the worst possible times (which is to say, wrestling with bank account login dramaz). It turns out that the freezer has gone at the least, and the fridge seems to not be great either. We think that perhaps the compressor got knocked out last night when the power blipped, as that would make the most sense. The only things we specifically noted going out when it happened were my desktop rebooting, and the PS4. So it could have been off all night, and only holding on as well as it did because the doors stayed mainly closed.

And how did we know for sure something was up? The girls went to get some ice cream for their snack, and they were melted. Cool, but melted. Z has completely cleared out the freezer, which was overdue to be done anyways, and he’s moving a few fresh bits from the fridge over to his mother’s house. We’ll either get it running somehow (it’s currently on a 20 minute of being off to recycle all the relevant systems), and then we’ll see. The worst part is that a compressor repair costs almost as much as a new fridge, which. Ugh. I like our fridge. It’s big and makes ice/water, and Z commented that it barely got in when there wasn’t a door in the way. There are now doors in the way. So getting it out would require at least taking the doors out, and getting something in would… well. We’ll see. We’ve spotted one reputable site that can deliver/change out a fridge as soon as tomorrow, so that might be the plan of action. :s

Beyond that, the country is fully effed? I’ve seen that BoJo has gotten approve to prorogue Parliament, and in the finest British tradition, there are already protests scheduled nationwide. And as I said to my Melly earlier — this is a country not afraid of rioting, AND BoJo’s stupid water cannons that were of no use have since been sold off. So. We’ll see. I wish that we could trust our government to act in our best interests, but… heh. [[hysterical laugh-crying here]]

Right, gonna go kill some more monsters, Diablo style.


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