Free Tub

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Anyone? Anyone? *laughs* It’s apparently been there in the skip since before we went on holiday, but I only noticed it a day or two ago. I guess that the new family moving in got the bathroom redone. Who knows. I’ve said a tentative hi in passing, but not made concrete contact. Soon? Maybe. *laughs* This street is pretty good about pleasantries and the like, but that would also require me to leave the house more often.

I’m glad today is over, ngl. I’ve been super brain fogged, and grateful that I only had one kidlette at home. Smaller got to go to the office with Z because Smalls got to go out to knitting with me last night. Smalls did well, and chatted with the adults and earned lots of praise for being so well behaved. I mean, they both are. I don’t take it for granted — I’m pleased that they comport themselves well without any urging. We make sure to thank them for it, because yanno, positive reinforcement is the best way to encourage behaviours.

Anyways. Blathering. Dinner is imminent, so gonna go eat.


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