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Now that the thread is all done, I finally was able to circle back and sort my space out. I’m exhausted from the winding, and the little bits of work I did to get done. Still need to run a vacuum around properly, but yeah. Pat on the back, can consider tackling other things around the house. But hopefully not… Read more »


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I was putting out a pouch of wet food for the boys, when Vivi dived in before I could get it all out. Which means the last bit went on his head. And he just… stood there, looking around, with food on his head. I should probably track him down to make sure he’s gotten it off since then. I’m… Read more »

Good Company

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I was delighted that Raven decided to curl up on the couch near me for his afternoon napping. I made sure to give him lots of little pets and kisses, because I could. I’m sure he’s gonna snub me when I go upstairs here in a sec, but that’s cats for you. Nothing much today, outside of what’s in the… Read more »


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This photo is from yesterday, but it works well enough for today, because it shows me out of the house. Z and I did spot of shopping, and topped it off with our first Starbucks in a very long time (something like 16 years for me, and 20-25 for him). I know that’s not exactly the most diabetic friendly treat,… Read more »


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Vivi really, really, really likes to get high. Up. High up. This was from a set Z took of Vivi on top of one bookcase… then another… and of course, we find him on top of our bleeding door with regularity. He’s lucky he’s cute. Smalls went back off to school today. We ended up chilling around the house because… Read more »

Size King

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I was chatting with R earlier, and trying to express how big the kittens are. So I went upstairs to take a few pictures of Vivi to try and give scale. This one doesn’t really do that, but yanno, cute picture of me, uwu, etc. Nothing fancy today, just more winding. Z and I might go out tomorrow, since both… Read more »


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Raven keeps sitting in this cowboy hat on the floor, evoking Ye Olde Dr Tran memories. Cats, innit. Iffin’ they fit, they sits they sits. We’re… holding up. Poison has been lovingly interred, and we’ve got her headstone ordered. So at least that’s sorted. I’ve been continuing my bobbin winding to keep my mind quiescent. I’m almost done with my… Read more »

Good Night, Sweet Princess

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This year is obnoxiously hungry for the lives of pets… we had to say goodbye to Poison this evening. The vet confirmed that she had a number of serious issues, and we already knew that subjecting her to rafts of tests would stress her badly, and wouldn’t actually achieve anything. So we made the call. She was so small and… Read more »


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Was giving Vivi tonnes of cuddles this morning, and somehow we ended up in this position for like, an entire minute. I very gently placed my mouth around his paw, he very gently placed his other paw against my eye. So sweet. Both of the boys are realising that they love a good hard scritch, and I’ve been using it… Read more »