Bathroom Bug

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I know that cats, like people, have their quirks, but I can’t get over the fact that Raven thinks me being in any sort of sitting position in the bathroom means it’s lap time. I’d scooped him up so I could sit down and brush my teeth, and he decided it was a perfect time for cuddles.

Ah well, at least he’s cute. Dumb as a brick, but cute. He has this complete inability to open the bathroom door from the inside; he always slams against it and then gets cross that it hasn’t opened. Z suggested that he’s trying to keep the other cats out, which, maybe… but probably not. He usually does it interspersed with yelling at me for not being immediately available to get up and let him out.

Been a nice day off for the most part. Z and I had to pop to the next town over to visit their main Post Office to get our driving licence photos renewed. It was surprisingly painless; we had the impression we were going there to collect physical paperwork to take back home and fill out. Instead, the lady was able to do it all on a tablet, easy peasy.

Right, got a fayre tomorrow, so wish me luck.


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