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So uh, this yarn is so. Pink. Like, I’mma have Barbie socks. Which is fine! It just amuses me that even seeing it was pink when I bought it, I didn’t expect it to come up quite as pink. *laughs*

The fayre at the school went about as well as I expected. Which is to say, I was lucky to make back my table. *shakes head* It only reinforces my lack of desire to do the school events. Maybe if they were longer? But three hours of candy-driven children doesn’t translate into sales, so.

But eh, at least it being a short one means I’m not half as wiped out. I’m still vaguely looking for a December event to do. As a self-sop, I’ve set up a free shipping code for my shop, and shared it around a bit. I’m hoping that translates to a couple of sales, but. We’ll see.

Right, I’m off.


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