So It Goes

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Ugh, so. I’ve been very much head down this week. I found out that my BFFFFF bat died suddenly. At least they were safe at home. Obvs, lots of various and big feelings, but mainly just under the weight of grief, waiting for it to burst and rain down on me. And in the interim, I have many other friends of bat, friends of both of ours, friends I’ve not met before this week to mourn with. That helps a lot, being reminded how much they’re loved.

Past that, just been trying to keep my head down and occupied. I’m working towards my Shiny Charm in Pokémon Sword/Shield, which basically means I’ve spent the past week riding around in circles, ha ha. I’m slightly annoyed ’cause I’m on Sword, and I’d ordered a physical copy of Shield over a week ago, and it’s still not shown up. I messaged the seller, and they’re like, it’s the Royal Mail. Mate, like I told you, the shipping just says the order had been created, nothing about it making it to the Royal Mail. *rolls eyes* I can pester them again in a few days, but maaan I wanted to have this charm in the bag. Hrmph.

So yeah, back to riding in circles. Metaphor, innit.


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