No Comments on Conditioning

Vivi is, slowly, developing some lapcat tendencies. He’s also becoming a bit shoutier; if he does that while circling my chair, he gets scooped up. usually he just wants a minute or two of cuddles before scarpering, but sometimes he’ll hang out for 20 or 30 minutes. I wonder if he’ll get to a point where he’ll try to hop up on his own… we’ll see.

In other cat news, today’s the first anniversary of October and Halo joining our household. I am rubbish about taking videos, but I did take one of them coming out of their carrier that first day. So that got posted a few places, because cyuuuute. Like, Halo was actually smol for a very brief period.

Anyhoos. Cats. Cats are good. They certainly help keep a soul going. Which is to say, I’m holding up okay. I’m not going anywhere. I will try to get back to blogging here more regularly. This is the one that falls to the side the easiest of the two I maintain (the other has a streak going back over 14 years daily, holla).


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