So Above, So Below

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I surprised myself this afternoon by finishing my organisation and counting of the remaining Definitive postage in a timely fashion. Like, early enough that I was able to walk it down to the Post Office, thereby getting it out of my hair.

Y’all, I’m pretty much done-done with stamps. I’ve still got a huge box of picture stamps, but it’s organised less a few randoms that showed up on my desk or the floor. I had a suggestion in one of my Discords to use them for jewellery, and you know what? I might well try making some pendants and earrings. Just need to get my head around the best way to set a cabochon in a bezel. Like, I know the basic idea (use glue), but I want to make sure I understand how to do it for maximum tidy. I’ll think on it before I do anything.

DEFINITELY not doing anything tonight. Brain gets to rest.


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