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I had knitted a ‘normal’-sized square to use in photos of stitch markers, and realised that my larger ones looked a bit ridiculous in that setting. I don’t know where it came from, but I found a chunky cream-coloured remnant in the back of a drawer and got to work with that. So I’ll probably be retaking some ‘lookit on wool’ photos with the new swatch.

I’m also torn in general on redoing the pictures that I’ve redone so far. I tested a set on a white cloth background, and that gave a more colour true result that survived tweaking the lighting/colour balance. We’ll see. I don’t want to overthink it or overdo it or anything, you know? But ideally, everything will be in more or less the same setting for consistency. Ideally. I’m having trouble getting my head how to do that with jewellery in an interesting way that isn’t the whole ‘hang on edge of a cup!’ thing. I’ll figure something out, hopefully. That’s why I’m doing stitch markers first — less dimensions to worry about.

Otherwise, just enjoying being cold! The high temp for today is mid-60s, and rain. My only vetch is that my body is being crampy and gross, so I had to think about ruining the joy of chilly with a heating pad. Thankfully, the co-codamol did the trick, but like… body, I thought we were over this? Good thing I’m taking another stab at getting the whole menstrual health thing taken seriously. Again.

Right, I’m off.


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