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I saw someone selling needle savers in one of my few Facebook groups, and it told me that heey, that’s a thing I need. The person in question didn’t ship to the UK, so I found someone selling here instead. Free shipping, giving money to charity, less sales than me and vastly better branding… she will hopefully go far with her Etsy-ing. And in the interim, I’ve got something cute that I hopefully won’t misplace. *laughs*

Mainly though, it’s Friday! We survived the week! AAAAND it was cool and rainy and thundery this morning, which was bliss. I’ve got the A/C on now to fight the slightly warmer eveningtime, which yanno, that’s pretty nice too.

Weekend plans are, at current, to try and keep doing more updated photography for my Etsy listings, and maybe even remembering to like, knit. It’s still mainly in the vein of ‘fuck this, not moving’, of course — ’cause that’s the best way to spend a weekend.


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