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This is the ‘oh crap, company soon’ post, complete with dubious photo, la! The weather has continued in the gross vein we were promised, though it’s a bit nicer inside because Z made the effort to poke at the downstairs a/c to get more cooling out of it. He’s gone ahead and jiggled some funding around to get a replacement unit, as this one is nine years old. We’ll keep it as a backup/spare for the moment, but yeah. I don’t know what the rest of the summer is going to be like, but this week is ridiculous.

Work was work, and otherwise has been otherwise. I got another Etsy listing rephotographed, so that was pleasing. I’ve got another ready to do, but as said — company inbound, so not going to go all darkroom to do that. Tomorrow is soon enough.

Right so, see y’all tomorrow.


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