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The looming rain held off, and sports day happened as (re-)scheduled. Smalls has definitely improved since last year! I’m proud of her efforts, and a glad that we were able to go witness them. Z fished out the camp chair for me, so my crippled butt was able to hobble around the field behind him to follow Smalls to her… Read more »

Utterly Knackered

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I have done pretty much nothing today, but I am exhausted beyond the point of pain. Like, I painted my nails. I made a pendant. That’s it. And yet, and yet… I feel bad about it, only insomuch that Smaller wanted my attention and I didn’t want to give it. I mean, I *did*, because she’s a small child and… Read more »

Fun With Wire

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Shortly before we went a-visiting yesterday, my order of wire came in. I poked at it for a minute or two before we headed out, and have been having a more substantial play with it today. I’m pretty happy with most of the results, but the question will be whether or not other people are happy enough to buy them…. Read more »


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We are away from the wired internet at home, and I am successfully on WiFi. It took me a bit to undumb and figure out that I had a WiFi two in a drop-down menu with the stronger signals my adapter could pick up, so yanno, shame on me for not clocking it sooner. But it’s there, it’s working, and… Read more »


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One of my local friends, I cannot remember who, had mentioned picking up a wheelchair on the cheap from one of the local auction houses. I’d mentioned this to Z, and commented that there was an online auction facility as well. Being Z, he did his research and discovered that he needed to go into the actual auction house to… Read more »

Outside Again

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Z got the call from the school this time; Smalls was having more of the itchy party. Figures, since that timed about with where the dose of antihistamines were given to her this morning. He was going to go dose her before her after-school club when he picked up Smaller, but I sucked it up and hobbled around to take… Read more »

In Bloom

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The pollen as of late has been brutal in its affect upon myself and Z recently. So I guess I wasn’t too surprised when the school called to tell me that Smalls had an itchy rash on her arm, could I come to the school? I put on some streetworthy clothing (’cause was still chilling in pjs), called Z to… Read more »


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In my annoyance at villagers in my Minecraft village invading my house, I’ve started building a bunkhouse. I’ve even started a second sheep pen dedicated to cranking out yellow wool to make the beds. I haven’t decided how stacked I am going to make the house, but like… I’m all about having tonnes of villagers… just not in *my* house…. Read more »

Thrice Pierced

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I finally got off of my ass and got the little cardi washed and blocked. This time, I did something smart — I pinned it with three blocks behind it. Which means that it’s better pinned, and I don’t have needles sticking up all over the place begging to be impaled on feet. Having said that, it would be quite… Read more »