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The pollen as of late has been brutal in its affect upon myself and Z recently. So I guess I wasn’t too surprised when the school called to tell me that Smalls had an itchy rash on her arm, could I come to the school? I put on some streetworthy clothing (’cause was still chilling in pjs), called Z to touch base with him, then headed out with Calpol, Piriton (liquid antihistamine for children), and some of my sensitive skin face lotion. The head teacher popped in to check on Smalls while I was there (because it’s an awesome school), and we agreed that it was probably just a hayfever rash atop a bit of too much sun the day before. She’s come home and had a nice cool bath, and is feeling loads better.

Outside of my unexpected jaunt through the world, it’s been a fairly productive day. My appointment last week already generated a referral, which I’ve already turned into an appointment next month — and it’s at the specialised menstrual health unit. It was the one that had the soonest appointment, so… kismet? I called Mum so she could get it on her calendar, but she was a bit flustered doing things and said she’d call me back later. Instead, she popped in for a few minutes on the way back home from the doctor’s office. So that was nice. She got a little walk around in the nice outside, I got a little visit, and I should have offered her a coffee or something, but she probably would have taken herself home for one anyways. Still. Even if I delight in my own company, it means something to me when she feels like getting out of the house and spending time here.

I also got all the June year ends processed. That wasn’t hard, seeing how there was a grand total of three of them, but having them done sooner rather than later means that I can keep on my own tail hopefully.

Right, off to gaming, and maybe picking up my knitting.


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