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This, my friends, is the face of exhaustion + annoyance. I’ve been playing with my little lightbox and trying to get my head around what settings are gonna give me the cleanest results. I think part of the problem is that even if the box has some neat little strip lighting, I need more light. I’ve got an LED lamp… Read more »


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Food! Cooked by other people! It’s the best kind of food, really. Everyone had a nice meal, and a pleasant time out. I thanked the girls for their continued stellar behaviour; they have always been superstars when we take them out, and this was no exception. Past that… been humid and gross, but hooray for the a/c. Not sure you’re… Read more »

Learning Time

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My little lightbox came today! I’m currently doing a bit of reading and fussing with my phone to get it to take better pictures for my shop. I think that I have a good starting point. Obviously, this photo isn’t in contention for anything going into my shop, but I wanted a vague ‘hey, this is the thing picture’. So… Read more »


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I know I say most days that I am going to do as little as possible, but today took the cake. *laughs* I did a lot of staring into space and trying to find the executive function to knit, but anyways. It’s fine. I did the best with super exhaustion as I could. I can hope that tomorrow feels less… Read more »

*gruntled noises*

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I finished constructing a pendant today that was a few days in the making. I am pleased/gruntled with the result! It’s a bit more expensive than the other necklaces (£10 instead of £6), but it was a lot more fussy work and experimentation to reach the final point. Beyond that, I’ve not done much of anything besides poke at video… Read more »


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I had an old old internet friend come to visit today, which was excellent. We’ve known each other for the better part of 20 years, and this was the first chance we’ve had for our paths to cross in person. It was a good visit! Smaller was cranking up the chatter and charm as usual, while Smalls mainly curled up… Read more »


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I had an order in today for one of the necklaces I listed yesterday, to my delight. I’d already had a bath and slapped some polish on my nails, so I was 500% ready to actually leave the house. So that was pleasing. There’s another that is likely to sell in the near future, so that’ll be nice. I’m deep… Read more »


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I finished sewing up the late this morning, in what was probably one of my more ‘gotta get this perfect’ sewing jobs in ages. Smaller tried it on after she got home from school, and yus — the fit is excellent. Now I just have to keep it stashed away without losing it until it’s actually warm enough to wear… Read more »

Rainbow Connection

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I think I mentioned that our token Aussie is heading back to Oz, and perhaps I even mentioned that she gifted all of us with wool and other pretties. Smaller has been after a rainbow hat for a bit, and I am nearing completion. Knock on wood, I’ll actually finish it without her clocking it. Beyond that, trying to cool… Read more »