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Z and I put down a bit on a wheelchair in the auction today, and we won! The price written on it when Z checked it out yesterday was like, £460 new? We got it for a looooooooot less than that, well under £100. Now I need to try to get my head and hands around using it. It was drizzling when we got it back to the house, so I couldn’t exactly wheel it up and down the street. Plus, I had my stick in my hands, and that didn’t work so well for trying to wheel. *chuckles*

Z got something for himself — a box of random toys for under £5; the box itself is worth more than that. If anyone wants a copy of the 2018 Guinness Book of World Records, gaming edition, we’ve got like, 10 spare now from that box.

Past that, just kind of sitting in the fog. But it’s fine, really. Outside of fetching the chair, I’ve not had to do anything whatsoever besides sit and fog out. It’s sort of restive, I guess? Something. 🙂


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